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In 1999, Antonio Ocaña created the Ramon Oviedo Foundation, Inc. Ocaña was driven by the vision that future generations across the world be granted the opportunity to appreciate the relevant oeuvre created by Master Dominican Painter, Ramon Oviedo. In Ocaña’s words, “Oviedo is an autochthonous, yet universal, unconventional and restless creator whose artistic work enriches its viewers at a primordial level that transcends cultural and time boundaries.  Furthermore, Oviedo is an artist whose work should be considered part of the global community’s heritage, and as such, the Foundation supports and promotes the work at all international levels, via non-profit institutions, Government agencies, as well as local and multi-national museums, galleries, and corporations.  Other Dominican artists who live in the country, as well as overseas, are selectively included as part of the overall Foundation’s cultural commitments”.
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